What will my first driving lesson be like?

What will my first driving lesson be like

If you have never taken a driving lesson before then you may be intrigued as to what you will get up to.

Let’s go over some of the most common things that will be addressed on your first lesson and how to make the most of it.

What will I learn on my first driving lesson?

Every driving instructor is different in how they teach.

Some like to teach the rules of the road first, while some like to get you out on the roads as soon as possible.

For this reason it is hard to say what you will learn on your first lesson. However, there are a few things that you are likely to work on.

Here is a list of the most common things you will work on in your first driving lesson;

  1. Steering

    Steering is one of the most used skills when driving. It can seem simple when watching people who know how to drive. However, it is a more difficult skill than it looks.

  2. Using the clutch

    The clutch is used to allow the driver to change gears. It is very complicated to someone who has never driven before. It is a skill that you will have to get good at.

  3. Breaking

    Breaking may seem simple. However it is difficult for someone who has not driven before to judge the pressure you must exert on the break peddle.

  4. Accelerating

    Accelerating is more simple than the other skills. It does involve a little practice though.

  5. Changing gears

    Knowing which gear to be in at a certain speed takes some knowledge. Your driving instructor will likely tell you when to switch gears on your first lesson.

  6. Checking mirrors

    Checking your mirrors is extremely important for your safety. It can be difficult to implement when you have so many other skills on your mind.

This may seem like a lot to learn on your first lesson. Don’ be stressed, it is unlikely you will have to learn all of these skills in your first 1 or 2 hours.

Your driving instructor will know what pace to go at so don’t worry about the high volume of information.

What will my instructor be like?

As we said before, all instructors are different. Most will be very friendly and you will get on with them well.

Others can be a little more teacher like in the way they treat their learners.

The main thing to note is that if you feel like you don’t enjoy driving with your instructor, you can always look for another. Read this article to find out more about finding a good driving instructor.

You can have great conversations with some instructors and this will normally be when you are more comfortable on the road and conversation wont distract too much.

Also remember that they are there to help, so if you have any questions don’t be scared to ask.

Will my first lesson be difficult?

Your first lesson will be a little difficult. There are so many different skills to take into consideration.

It doesn’t matter if you find it difficult. You will not be expected to learn all of the skills on your first lesson.

Driving takes a lot of time to become skilled at. You will need to put a lot of hours in before you feel comfortable on the roads.

Remember to enjoy yourself and relax. Everyone makes mistakes so don’t pressure yourself to be perfect right away.

If you have any other questions regarding your first driving lesson then please feel free to contact us at enquiries@driving-lessons-near-me.com

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