Driving test route Falkirk/Grangemouth

driving test route falkirk grangemouth

If you are practising for your test then test routes are very important. They allow you to get comfortable with the roads that you are likely to be driving on your test.

The video below shows a possible test route from the Falkirk/Grangemouth test centre.

The DVSA used to provide all possible test routes on their website. They have stopped doing this now which makes it difficult to know possible routes. This route is one which was on their website before and has likely not been changed.

How does this Falkirk/Grangemouth test route help me?

This Falkirk/Grangemouth test route video is very useful because it allows you to get used to the roads around Falkirk.

It takes you through Laurieston, Hallglen, Falkirk centre and then back to the Grangemouth test centre.

The best way to use this video is to watch it (maybe on 2x speed) and then go and follow the route yourself.

The video helps you to understand which lanes to be in and there are also useful tips throughout the video.

Will I be taken this route on my test?

This is only a possible test route. There is a chance you will be taken on a different route on your test.

These routes all overlap which means some of the roads in the video will definitely be in your test.

It is important that you are comfortable with the roads around Grangemouth and can safely drive on Earl’s Gate Roundabout.

Your test route will include Earl’s gate roundabout no matter what. Make sure you know how to use its lane system.

How will I remember the exact test route?

There is no need to remember the exact route because it is only there to give you a rough idea of the roads you will need to drive on a test in Falkirk.

It will get you accustomed to the roads and show you anything that you need to watch out for such as school zones and pedestrian crossings.

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