How many times am I allowed to sit my driving test?

how many times can i resit my driving test

All of us have thought about the possibility of failing our driving test. But how many times are you allowed to sit it? How long before you can book again after a fail?

We will answer some of the most important questions when it comes to resitting your driving test.

Is there a limit to the number of tests I can take?

There is no limit whatsoever on how many times you can sit your driving test. This is good because it puts less pressure on you as a driver.

There was a case in Liverpool where one man sat his test 39 times. This is the most in the UK on record.

More than 50% of people fail their driving test first time. Don’t let this statistic scare you. It should help you stay calm. It is OK to fail and resit.

Don’t feel bad if you take a few attempts. Some people get unlucky, but it’s important to remember you can always have another go.

How long before I can re-book a driving test?

The rule is that you must wait at least 10 days before booking another driving test.

The reason for this is to stop people taking up lots of test bookings. If there is a 10 day wait then it means the driver will have some time to process their mistake. This means they are more likely to pass the resit.

If you fail your test we would recommend wasting no time. Try re-booking it as soon as possible. The only time we would discourage this is if you have a bad fail.

By a bad fail we mean multiple major driving faults or if you are way over the limit of minor faults.

If you are not too far away from a pass then it is likely you made a slight error and were maybe even a little unlucky. The longer you wait to resit your test, the more you are likely to overthink it.

The truth is that if you were close the first time, then the next test should go better. You will have more experience of being in a test scenario with all of the pressure.

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