Do I need insurance as a learner driver?

Do I need insurance as a learner driver

As with many of the questions answered on our blog, this answer depends on the situation.

Some of you will need insurance as a learner driver and some of you will get away without having insurance until you get your first car.

When will I need to get insurance?

If you are practising in your own car then you will need to get learner insurance.

If you are using a friend or relatives car to practice driving then you will also need some type of insurance.

Do I need insurance if I am just taking lessons?

There is normally no need to having insurance when just taking lessons. Most driving schools will cover insurance with the cost of their lessons.

If you need any reassurance then you can ask your driving instructor if they cover the insurance. It is likely they would inform you if not.

Is learner insurance the same as normal insurance?

No. Learner insurance is different and normally has two types of policy.

One policy is a 12 month policy that covers you to drive as a learner. It then updates to full car insurance if you pass your test.

The other policy is short term which is only designed to cover you as a learner.

Both of these policies have different premiums depending on the type of cover you choose.

What are the different types of car insurance cover?

These are the 3 main types of insurance cover;

  1. Third party only

    This is the most basic level of cover. It covers the other person in the case that you are responsible for the accident.
    Third-party only covers the cost of damage to the other car, any injury caused to others and damage of property.
    It does not cover anything to do with you. You will pay in full for your cars damage and your injuries.

  2. Third party, fire and theft

    This cover includes everything that is in third party insurance.
    The difference with third party, fire and theft is that it will also cover any costs if your car is stolen or set on fire.

  3. Comprehensive

    This type of cover gives the most protection of the 3 listed.
    Comprehensive car insurance covers you for everything included in third party, fire and theft.
    It also includes cover for damage of your own car.

Where can I get learner insurance?

The best way to find good learner insurance is to go to an insurance comparison site such as Compare The Market or MoneySuperMarket.

These sites will find you the best cover to suit your needs. Make sure to not only look at the premiums but also the excess. This is the amount you will be required to pay after a claim.

Another thing to look at is each companies reputation. Some insurance companies have poor customer service. Have a look at sites like Trust Pilot for reviews from customers.

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