Why is a driving test so expensive?

Driving tests in the UK can seem rather expensive, considering it doesn’t even guarantee you to be able to drive after it. So why are driving tests so expensive?

In the UK, to sit your practical driving test costs £62 – £75 depending on what time and day you choose.

This seems very high considering the test lasts around 40 minutes and doesn’t include the cost of hiring the car. (This can cost around £25 to hire your instructors car for the test)

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What happens if you crash during your driving test?

I’m sure most of us have had the worry of crashing a car while learning to drive. But what happens if you crash during your driving test?

The answer to this question is quite open but we will go over the most likely things to happen if you crash.

If you are using your instructors car, it should hopefully never happen since the examiner will have dual controls.This makes it much less likely that you will make a dangerous mistake.

Obviously if the examiner has to touch the controls at all then you will fail your test.

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How to find a good driving instructor

Your driving instructor is the most important factor when it comes to learning to drive. You may do a lot of practice in your own time but it is your instructor who fine tunes all of the skills necessary to pass your test.

So how do you find a good driving instructor?

Here are some of the best tips to make sure you are not landed with an instructor who slows down your learning process through poor teaching.

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The most driving test attempts ever

You thought it was tough passing your driving test? This 38 year old from Liverpool found it a little tougher.

The man from Liverpool has the most practical driving tests under his belt in the U.K. That is 39 in total.

How does it get to the stage where you get into a car with the examiner for the 39th time? One thing is for sure, this guy has a heart of steel.

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How do I apply for my provisional drivers license?

Applying for your provisional drivers license is the first step to getting on the road and becoming a fully licensed driver.

There are some important things to consider when applying for your provisional driving license which I will go over in this article.

I have also created a YouTube video which shows how to fill out the application form online which you can watch by clicking here.

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