The most driving test attempts ever

the most driving tests ever taken UK

You thought it was tough passing your driving test? This 38 year old from Liverpool found it a little tougher.

The man from Liverpool has the most practical driving tests under his belt in the U.K. That is 39 in total.

How does it get to the stage where you get into a car with the examiner for the 39th time? One thing is for sure, this guy has a heart of steel.

As to whether I would want him on my team, I am not sure I can answer that.

This man has spent almost £2500 on driving tests alone. Not to mention the cost of all if his lessons. If he had any that is.

As for the driving theory test a 30 year old woman from Ilford takes the crown with a massive 113 sittings.

Considering each test should take about an hour to complete, this woman has spent over 100 hours of her life sitting theory tests.

What should I take from this?

This story should motivate us. If you have already passed your test, use this as motivation. The fact there is someone who can repeatedly get back in the car after failure upon failure, then what is your excuse in life?

If you are yet to sit your test then just know, you have 39 attempts to stop yourself from earning the title of worst driver in the U.K.

Don’t let this happen to you

Make sure you have a proper driving instructor who wont allow you to fail your tests this many times.

It is important that you do some research into your driving instructor before booking with them.

Make sure they are fully qualified and have some good reviews. Another way to make sure you have a good instructor is to take recommendations from friends or family. If they were happy with their instructor then there is a good chance you will be happy too.

You can check this page which gives information on a driving instructors grades. You can ask an instructor for their grade to check and compare.

If you would like to book your first lesson through our website, we can make sure that you are matched with a top rated driving instructor that suits your needs.

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