How to find a good driving instructor

Find the right driving instructor for you

Your driving instructor is the most important factor when it comes to learning to drive. You may do a lot of practice in your own time but it is your instructor who fine tunes all of the skills necessary to pass your test.

So how do you find a good driving instructor?

Here are some of the best tips to make sure you are not landed with an instructor who slows down your learning process through poor teaching.

How can I make sure that a driving instructor is good?

There are several ways to check a driving instructor is a good choice.

The first is through reading their reviews. You can find these on their Facebook page, Google, or their website. It is important to note that reviews on a driving instructors website could be fabricated or filtered so it is a good idea to take them with a pinch of salt.

Another way to check the suitability of a driving instructor is to ask them for their driving instructor grade.

Approved driving instructors (ADIs) are regularly checked for their ability to coach lessons. They are graded and you will find information about the grading here.

You can message the instructor to ask for their grade. This is a great indication of their ability to teach.

Another way to find a good driving instructor is to ask family and friends for recommendations. If they have an instructor who taught them then it is good to ask for their opinion as you know it will be an authentic answer.

How do I know I will get along with my instructor?

It is impossible to know if you will get on with your instructor before having a lesson with them.

After finding an instructor who has good credentials it does not automatically mean that you will get on with them and their teaching style will suit you.

Some good advice would be to go on your first lesson with them having an open mind. If you have a bad first lesson and find you struggle to get on with the instructor then you are happy to walk away.

There are thousands of instructors out there so don’t feel you need to stick with someone who will make the learning process less enjoyable. Move on and go find another instructor.

It is a good idea to switch instructor early on if you see signs of incompatibility instead of sticking around. This will only slow you down and make it more difficult to switch.

How do I tell my instructor that I don’t want to book another lesson?

There doesn’t need to be any negative emotion when telling your instructor that you don’t want another lesson with them.

It is very common for instructors to have drivers leave after their first lesson.

Just be polite and let them know that you are thankful for their help but you feel as though they don’t get the best out of you.

If you are a bit shy and would like to avoid this then you can lie and say that you will text them when you would next like a lesson.

How can I tell if my instructor is right for me?

A good way to gauge if your instructor is the right fit for you is to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I enjoy being in the car with them?
  • Do I feel scared to make a mistake?
  • Am I being taught at the right pace for me?
  • Do I feel uneasy around them?

These questions are all important as you should feel happy with the instructor and the way they are teaching you.

If you don’t enjoy being in the car with them then it is a sign that you don’t get on. Obviously some people will just hate being in a car in general. Especially if you have problems with anxiety on the roads. This case does not reflect on the instructor so much.

If you are scared to make a mistake then this is a real problem. Some instructors are very loud and negative when you make a mistake. Others are more calm with there criticism. This is fine because different people learn in different ways. However, if you feel like you are scared to make a mistake due to the instructor shouting at you then this is a problem.

Learning to drive should be a fun experience, not one where you are on edge at all times in case of a mistake.

It is also important that they are teaching you at the right pace. Some instructors are very slow with what they teach. This ends up costing you a lot more money on lessons than is necessary.

They could also be teaching you to fast and in this case you can just have a conversation with them asking them to take it a little slower.

Do you need help finding an instructor?

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