I’ve booked my lesson, now what?

Iv'e booked my first lesson, what next

So you have booked your first lesson with us. We hope you can contain your excitement.

Within the next few working days you will receive a phone call or text from your driving instructor to confirm your first lesson.

So if this is your first lesson you may be feeling a little apprehensive and have some questions.

  • Will I be driving on roads for my first lesson?
  • What do I need to bring with me?
  • Will my instructor pick me up?
  • What knowledge should I have before my first lesson?

These are all very valid questions and in this article we will try to answer the most common questions about your first driving lesson.

Where will my instructor pick me up?

When your instructor contacts you they will ask where you want to be picked up. If you will be at different locations for each lesson (e.g. picked up from school or work on occasion) make sure to inform your instructor of this.

What do I need to bring with me?

For your first lesson the only thing that you must bring is your provisional drivers licence. However, if you get thirsty you could also bring a drink of water. If you are going to have your phone on you, try to remember to put it on silent. It can be very distracting if your phone keeps receiving notifications and it is hard to turn it off when you are driving.

What do I need to learn before the first lesson?

As for knowledge before your first lesson, there is nothing that you must know. Your instructor is there to teach you everything that is necessary so don’t feel like you need to learn anything before your first lesson.

You will learn a lot on your first lesson so you may need to ask your instructor to go over something again if you don’t quite understand it first time.

When will I be driving on the roads?

When it comes to driving, it will be different for each instructor. Depending on how they like to teach, you may be on the roads on your first lesson. If not you will most likely be driving around a quiet estate which will allow you to get the feel of the car without worrying about other cars on the road.

Now if you are on the roads don’t worry! Your instructor will have you covered with the dual controls. If anything goes wrong your instructor can step in at any time to take control of the car.

Anything we missed?

We hope this has answered any of the questions you may have had about your first lesson. If there is anything we haven’t covered that you would like more information about, contact us on 07912621552.

Happy driving!

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