5 tips that will help calm your nerves as a learner driver

ease your nerves as a learner driver

Do you feel a wave of anxiety when you think about driving? Is it something that you resent rather than look forward to and enjoy.

Here are 5 top tips to relax and allow yourself to enjoy the process of learning to drive.

  1. Find the right driving instructor
  2. Remember everyone was once a learner
  3. Don’t overthink mistakes
  4. Ask your instructor to practice something you are worried about
  5. There is no rush to pass

1. Find the right driving instructor

One of the most important things when it comes to learning to drive is who is teaching you.

Most driving instructors are very good at what they do but you must remember that everyone learns in a different way.

Some people love a relaxed laid back approach to being taught. When they make a mistake they learn better by having someone kindly informing them of their mistake in a chilled manner.

Others however, learn much better from a bolder approach of teaching.

If you feel like your current instructor is too much for you and builds your stress by being a little harsh on you then there are 2 steps which you can take.

You can tell your instructor that you don’t like how aggressive they are in their teaching approach and hope that they change for you.

This can be a little difficult for some people as they don’t like the idea that the driving instructor may take it badly.

If this is the case then the other option is to find a new driving instructor which teaches differently.

Ask friends if they have any instructors that would teach in the manner that would help you learn best and decrease your anxiety towards driving.

Sometimes a change in gender of driving instructor can really help.

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2. Remember that everyone was once a learner

One of the big issues with driving is that you worry what other people on the road are thinking.

This is a massive problem and one which builds your anxiety and nerves.

A solution to this problem and something which will allow you to worry less is the fact that everyone who is on the roads has been in your position before (unless they are driving illegally).

Everyone who is driving next to you knows what it feels like to be a learner and unsure on the roads.

Make sure you always remember this as it really does help you relax more at the wheel. And the more you relax, the less mistakes you will make.

3. Don’t overthink your mistakes

Mistakes are a given when you begin driving. If you could start driving without making mistakes then what would be the point in learning and passing a test.

A problem that comes with being human is that we like to dwell on the mistakes we make. This applies to every day life, not just driving.

The issue that this causes is that we overthink our mistakes.

Now thinking about your mistakes isn’t always a bad thing. We should have a think about our mistakes in order to learn and improve.

However, once you have thought about it and realised what you did wrong you need to completely forget about the incident.

The more we think about a mistake, the more our brain starts to worry that we will make it again. The more we worry about making a mistake again, the more likely we are to worry whenever we are in the situation again.

Worrying is not good when it comes to driving and can cause bad decisions.

Just relax and don’t dwell on your mistakes. We all make them even as licensed drivers.

4. Ask your instructor to practice something you are worried about

Learning to drive can be frustrating because you can be as good as you like, but if you can’t do your manoeuvres then you won’t pass your test.

If there is something that you are unsure of or feel as though you still have more to learn about something then make sure your instructor knows about it.

Your instructor will be more than happy to take you over something you are unsure of. That is why they are there.

After going back over something that you struggled with it can be a relief that you don’t need to worry about it any more.

Don’t get to your test and have doubt about something you have learned. Make sure to ask your instructor.

5. There is no rush to pass

Many of us are seeing our friends out on the road and feel like we should be there as well.

Everybody learns at a different pace. Don’t look at where others are, concentrate on yourself.

Setting a date for when you want to pass can be a little motivating but don’t let it stress you out. If you feel like you are rushing to pass then this will build up anxiety.

Allow yourself to take all the time you need, it is not a race. Rushing to pass your test can actually slow you down. For example, you could rush to take your test and not be 100% ready. This could cause you to fail which could knock your confidence. It may be another few months before you resit your test.

The key is to allow yourself all the time you need and don’t add unnecessary stress on to your learning experience.

Remember, driving should be a fun experience. Don’t let your mind ruin the fun.

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